Rafael’s first experience with the Blue Zones project started in 2015, when her first learned that there was an initiative to help the SWFL community live longer, healthier lives. He didn’t doubt for a moment that he wanted to be a part of it right away. Rafael signed up as volunteer to be a Purpose Workshop facilitator, read the Blue Zones books, and was ready to be a player. After almost three years of being involved with the project as a volunteer, he heard that Blue Zones Project was hiring an Engagement Lead and jumped at the opportunity! As an Engagement Lead, Rafael is responsible for event planning, purpose workshops, Moai activities, and volunteer coordination.
Before moving from his home country of Venezuela in 2014, Rafael worked for more than 15 years in non-profit sector, first as a grant proposal writer and later as a grant manager for a multi-national development bank. Convinced that you can always promote change and improve your area of influence one person at a time, Rafael knew that Blue Zones Project was a perfect fit for him.
Rafael studied communications and has a master’s degree in economic development. Has worked in advertising, as a columnist for press media, and is a certified journalist for the International Federation of Journalists. Rafael is also a husband, a father of two girls, a sports fan and a self-taught guitar player.