Deb’s journey to becoming the Executive Director of the Blue Zones Project – SWFL is a culmination of working 17 years in hospital-based wellness and over 12 years in population-based public health prevention programs.  Prior to starting her career, Deb earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Biology from Mt. Union University in Ohio, followed by a master’s of education from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. She is a registered, licensed dietitian and a certified worksite wellness program manager.

Deb considers the project her dream job since it marries her personal and professional mission statements.  Her role is coordination of the implementation and measurement of the project with the ultimate goal of raising well-being and economic vitality throughout SWFL. With our “WE” approach of engaging individuals and organizations to help make the healthy choice the easy choice, and leave an invaluable legacy for generations to come, we all win!