For almost 30 years, Tracey has worked with organizations worldwide designing and implementing high-performing business processes, systems and technologies as an expert in Lean Six-Sigma, Theory of Constraints and Total Quality Management.  She has extensive experience in organizational change management and is a catalyst for transforming corporate cultures in the pursuit of continuous improvement.   

After a personal health crisis in 2001, Tracey went back to school to learn how to maintain her restored health, ultimately resulting in her becoming board-certified as a Holistic Health Counselor and Nutritionist.  Her deep interest in health and wellness, combined with her expertise in business management, led Tracey in the direction of applying her years of experience to consulting, managing and leading organizations in the health, wellness and social services industries for the last decade.  

Her passion for the Blue Zones Project is best expressed in her own words: “Organizations that enjoyed a culture where employees felt valued, cared for and important to the company’s future success were always the most successful in embracing change, and staying competitive and profitable, in a constantly changing marketplace.  What is so important about the Blue Zones Project is that it directly impacts a worksite’s culture in the most positive ways, while reducing its healthcare costs, increasing its productivity, improving its competitiveness, and reducing absenteeism and turnover, to mention only a few of the benefits.  Working with the Blue Zones Project to help companies achieve these benefits gives tremendous purpose to my work life and fuels my personal happiness.”

Tracey holds a Masters Degree from Columbia University’s School of Engineering in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  Tracey was an Olympic-caliber fencer for many years representing the U.S. in countless competitions both home and abroad, and is now an avid competitive tennis player.  Her favorite Power 9 is Purpose, as it drives every aspect of her life both professionally and personally.